Monday, April 8, 2013

An Abundance of Blankets ^.^

Well... it's been nearly 2 whole weeks since I last wrote anything. (bad Caleisha!) I suppose I should do a little life update before I get into the craftiness.
  • I am still looking for a job. Next Monday I'll be going to a job fair.  Hopefully, someone will hire me and hopefully I'll be happily employed.
  • Last week I had a brief chat with God about my current joblessness and was promptly chastised with this statement, "You complained when you were working about not having time to make things to launch your shop, but now that all you have is time you complain about that.  Use this time to get designs and stock done."  So of course I shut up and have been doing a lot of brainstorming and designing.
  • I've been getting more familiar with the local thrift stores. Most of them are small mom/pop shops, but they have a charm to them.  More on that another day ^.^
  • The dogs are really enjoying being able to lounge outside in the sun.  We've developed a ritual of sitting outside after I get up.  I'll read blogs, watch youtube, and work on shop stock while they run around and sniff things.  It's very peaceful :)
OK. On to my recent craftings!  A couple weeks ago I started a granny hexagon blanket using thrifted yarn.  Obviously, the thrifted yarn ran out and I had to pull yarn from my stash to finish the blanket.  Well that was until the stash yarn ran out.  I though "Oh that's no biggie. I got it from Joann's!"  So I hopped in my car and drove the 20 mins into town to Joann's... There was none in the store.  So I called the other Joann's only to be on hold for like 15 mins.  Later on, I persuaded Lamar to take me the other way across town to Joann's #2 to get the yarn.  We got there and there was none there either! Turned out they don't sell it anymore. So I had to get yarn that was as close to the colors as possible... which wasn't even that close.  -_-  [enter crafter's lament here]  It was a sad day in Caleisha-land.  Anyway, I finished piecing the blanket and put a couple border rows around it. I'm still going to add maybe 3 more border rows to it, but I'm done working on it for now.
The whole blanket.
In this picture, you can clearly see the 2 shades of green and the 3 shades of blue in this blanket... Arg!
I redid the layout for my future hex blankets so that they're not such an awkward shape. As is, this blanket measures roughly 4'x6' ish... Not really a snuggle-under-me shape, at least not for adults, lol.  The modified version is much better.

Now this, is my current project. (Interestingly, when I started writing this I immediately thought it was Wednesday since this is a kind of what's on my hook thing... chuckle.)  Anywho, my current blanket project is a design based on the Babette Blanket.  I've done 3 different sizes, but this one will be the smallest measuring 4'x5'.
Granny square goodness!!!
There is no logical color scheme for this one, so I suppose you'd call it a stash buster blanket.  Ideally, the for sale blankets will have color schemes.  Or maybe they'll just be customizable by the customer.  *shrug*  I like how the blocks go together but not.  If that makes any sense.
Tools and layout
I'm really looking forward to finishing this blanket. So far I'm roughly a third of the way through and if I'work diligently, it can be finished and edged by the end of this week.  I think I'm going to do that.  So Friday, I will have this blanket done and ready to be shown on here.  ( it is written, so it shall be done!)

That's it for now.  I'm going to pack up my stuff and go back inside as the sun is blazing down on me and my black computer is really hot... this probably isn't good for the wellbeing of my laptop huh... *shrug*

Oh yeah, I'm going to get back on my writing game... there is no reason for there to be 2 weeks of silence on this blog... I'll do better :)  Peace!


  1. your blankets are turning out beautifully! I'm glad you listened to that voice about finding great ways to budget your time (if that makes sense lol) you are so blessed right now to have this time at your fingertips! who knows! maybe you've already started on your next job! do I hear Etsy shop in the near future??? :)

    1. Thanks Alina! I would absolutely love this to be my next job... I'm really enjoying all the ideas and designs that are finding their way out of my head now. It's pretty cool. :)

  2. Glad you posted today as you have been on my heart and in my prayers. Love the blankets! Beautiful work.

    1. Aww thanks Auntie :) I read your prayer blog from today and I'm glad that things are looking up for you. Prayerfully they'll be up for a while. Thanks for your prayers too >>hug<<

  3. Dang! This looks hard! You are indeed very talented and crafty. Cute blog! I crochet as well. Crocheters unit!!!


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