Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Natural Hair Style: Bedtime Twist Up-do

Recently, I came across a super useful video in my YouTube recommended feed.  The video was called "Last Minute Fix - How to Style Bedtime Two Strand Twists" by Naptural85.  As soon as I read the title I knew it was for me ^.^

I keep my hair in chunky twists for the vast majority of the time.  Mostly I cover them with hats or headwraps.  Sometimes they go into a ponytail and sometimes they're half up half down.  That's about the extent of my styling ability.

...or so I thought!

This past Sabbath, I reproduced her bedtime twist up-do and I was so proud of myself.  I even got compliments on it at church *.*  That was pretty awesome!

I may have gone a bit hairpin crazy and my roots have ALL the fuzzy, but it worked!  So maybe I'm not as styling-illiterate as I thought :)

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