Monday, September 21, 2015

Garden Update: Basil Babies!

A few weeks ago I noticed the flowers on my basil plant were all dried up.  Since I know that flowers are the precursor to fruit or seeds, I decided to take a closer look.  Sure enough when I rubbed the dried flowers in my hand... there were a bunch of basil seeds!!!

So I grabbed a little pot and planted them.  I also planted the rest of the package seeds that I originally purchased.  Unfortunately, the pack seeds didn't make it.  I think it was because I planted them in the same container as the grown basil.

Anywho, the 2nd generation basil babies are doing well.  I'm excited to have added them to my garden.  It seems that if all the plants I originally chose, the basil is the easiest to grow and maintain.  It isn't fussy and wilts a little when it needs water.  I would definitely recommend having basil if you're considering starting a container garden.  It's s great ego booster when your cucumbers or spinach  won't grow... *cough cough*

I'm hoping I can get the plants large enough to have a basil bush. That would be absolutely awesome!

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