Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Currently I'm...

Reading:  1 Chronicles - I'm slowly but surely making my way through the Bible. :)

Playing:  1010 - It's a puzzle game on the ipad. If you like puzzles or brain games, check it out.

Watching:  Criminal Minds - I have one episode left in season 10 on netflix... I'm rather sad about that.

Listening to:  John Mayer - Technically it's my John Mayer Pandora station.  It plays the best mix of music from my high school years.  I am forever on a trip down memory lane *.*

Working on:  Handlettering - My handwriting is getting better with all this practice.  I've found that now I'm super mindful whenever I write something for someone else.  It's nice.

Eating:  Honey Crisp Apples - YEEEEEAAAAAHHHH!!!  It's fall somewhere! (Not here in Florida, but meh) I'm not normally one to eat apples, but I tried these kind a few years ago and I've been hooked ever since.  I wish they were in season year round.

Wanting:  To Scrapbook - I haven't been scrapping as much this month.  I really want to get back in to it especially since I seem to have a compulsive desire to buy stickers... sigh...

Needing:  A Nap - I've had a few early mornings coupled with late nights over the past week or so and man lemme tell you, I think a nap once a day is what I need in my life.  Taking it back to kindergarten ^.^

Loving:  My Family - They're all pretty cool. What can I say... I'm blessed.

Thinking:  About my Schedule - What did I do before I kept a planner??  Oh yeah, I wrote lists in a notebook... I love that I can dump everything I have to do in my planner and check them off as they get done.  So satisfying.

Feeling:  Sleepy/Creative - I want to take that nap, but I also want to make things...  Oh the life of a crafty night owl with a day job... lol

Celebrating:  Awesome Photos - I've done a couple photo shoots recently and I'm really proud with how the pictures came out.  It really makes me feel good about my skill.

Grateful for:  New Opportunities - Recently, I've gotten SO MANY new opportunities to use my creative skills (photography & crochet) and I've been working with a recruiter to try to find full-time work.  Thumbs way up for new and awesome opportunities!


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  2. My sister got me into criminal minds!

    About to start Hebrews, reading 1 Samuel with my family.

    1. I think I have one episode left in season 10 and I don't want to watch it because it'll be over, lol.

      So far, what's your favorite Bible story?


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