Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September 2015: Month in Review

What can I say about this month... I definitely started off strong with making and doing things, but somewhere around the middle of the month I hit a wall.  There was a week where I pretty much did nothing on my to do lists but go to work. -___- boo! So yeah... on to the details!

9/1: I made a crochet project bag!

9/3: I made an instagram frame photo prop for our church's youth reunion.

9/4: I had photos taken 0.0 It's so weird being in front of the camera and not behind.  I did business headshots, some photos for when I get around to updating the look of this blog, and some Orlando Magic themed ones for Lamar. These are a couple of my favorites.

9/5-6: The North Orlando SDA Youth Reunion weekend. It was packed to the edges with activities, new (to me) people, and music music music!

9/7: I delivered Cherie and Kwame their wedding photo book and they loved it :)  I love doing things like this for people.

9/8: Lamar's parents celebrated their wedding anniversary.  We all went out for dinner at a little family owned Italian restaurant.  The food was great!

9/10: National Suicide Awareness Day

9/14a: I was in Winter Garden at 6:30 am to photograph a workout class for one of my church friends, Dania.  She has started a fitness program called Fitmomster  and lemme tell you, they were workin!

9/14b: When I was leaving the house to go to the class, I saw Venus and Mars o.O Be still my star-nerd heart!

9/15: Birthday time! My big-little brother Aaron turned 27!

9/18: Birthday time! Happy birthday to my Brother-in-law, Jason!

9/22: East Ridge High School vs. South Lake volleyball game.  They won and I was there cheering, getting mighty stressed out, and practicing lettering, lol.

9/23: Birthday time!  Happy birthday Sheree!

9/24: I made a set of aromatherapy bath bombs for my friend, Tiffany.  Now I wanna make a bunch more.  Bath bombs for everyone!!

9/25: Brianna and I went to hot yoga... I was not prepared... my shoulders just stopped hurting yesterday, sigh... that just shows I really need to get back into it.

9/27: I had a really great maternity shoot.  Thumbs up for new business opportunities and portfolio updating!

Throughout the Month
*The cucumbers finally bit the dust... again... I haven't replaced them just yet, but I will.  Hopefully, the third time really is the charm...
*I am up to 1 Chronicles in my Bible reading.
*I've had a bunch of new work opportunities for photography and crochet.

September Goals Report
I did nothing on that list.  I need to get myself together with these monthly goals... color me shamed -___-

October Goals
*Do a One Landscape photo-story (photograph the same landscape 10 times over a month)
*Get that Etsy live by November.  Even if it only has a couple things listed.  Get them up!
*Make food at home instead of eating out so much.
*Go to Yoga once a week.
*Finish 3 books.

I think these goals are totally doable.  I need to write them down and put them in a few different places where I can see them.  I think a big problem with my September list was I only had it written in one place in my planner.  We'll see.

How was your September?  What are you planning for October?

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