Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May 2016: Month in Review

This month in review post is going up so stinkin' late!  I have been quite the slacker blogger and I really need to do better ::insert shame face here::  So May's been over for a week now and we are almost half way through 2016.  That is so crazy to me! I always feel like time is flying by whenever I look back through the month to get ready to write these posts.  Anywho, on to the highlights!

Monthly Highlights
5/3:  Cherie and Kwame's first wedding anniversary!  It's a little mind boggling that so many of my friends are married/parents... I guess we are getting 'old' lol ^.^

wedding, anniversary, Apartment 203 Blog Month in Review

5/10:  I finished a lovey doll and blanket set.  It was a lot of fun to challenge myself to create something I've never done before.  Stay tuned because I will be sharing more photos and details later on.

Crochet dolls, Crochet lovey, Apartment 203 Blog Month in Review

5/19:  Brianna and I went to Disney After Hours.  We got to go on rides that normally have an hour+ wait time and meet Mickey and a handful of princesses.  It was pretty cool for a Disney newb like myself.

Walt Disney World, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella's Castle, Apartment 203 Blog Month in Review

Walt Disney World, Mickey Mouse, Cinderella's Castle, Apartment 203 Blog Month in Review

5/26:  I crochet and hand-dyed a swimsuit cover up.  I started making a red heart pattern, but when it wasn't working out the way I wanted, I decided to frog it out and design my own.  I think it came out pretty nicely ^.^ If I do say so myself!

Apartment 203 Blog Month in Review

5/27:  Happy birthday Tiffany!  She's starting her 30 by 30 list and I'm super excited about it!

5/28-29:  Over memorial weekend, we celebrated my friend Sheree's bachelorette in Miami.  We went out Saturday night, Sheree danced her little heart out.  Then on Sunday we went on a boat tour.  It was pretty cool.  Snapchat was the documentation of choice and it served me well ^.^

Apartment 203 Blog Month in Review

5/30:  Happy birthday Brianna!  She's doing a 25 by 25 ^.^ I kinda feel like a trendsetter! lol

Throughout the Month
- I spent a lot of the month planning Sheree's Miami bachelorette party.  I've discovered that I'm not keen on planning things for other people.  It's very stressful for me.  I must say Saturday night I almost had a panic attack while we were out... ugh
- I was a yarn crafting machine this month!  I feel like I was never without a project in my bag, lol.  So much so, when I finished up all my projects and had nothing on the go, it was quite weird.

May Goals Recap

1.  Finish & deliver the Evy Set - Yes! I did it and little Everly loved her doll!
2.  Knit a hat - Yes! I knit the Seaforth Hat.  Funny story... after I finished it, I learned that I was doing all my yarn overs wrong. Looks like I need to make another one!
 3.  Plan Sheree's bachelorette Party - Done!
4.  Read one book - Nope...
5.  Make grandma's retirement shutterfly book - Nope... But I def need to get a move on this one because the free book offer I have is expiring in June.

June Goals
1. Finish library photo display
2. Do 2 things for 30 in 30
3. Finish Grandma's photobook
4. Create a budget and build up savings
5. Plan get togethers for friends

And that, my friends, was my May in a nutshell.  How was your month?  What are some things you want to do in June?

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