Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Almost a Blogger

Good morning.

I've not much crafty to talk about but I have words bubbling up...

When I first started this blog, I had the idea that it was going to be some snazzy crafty smorgasbord of  awesomeness, but in all actuality it's just bland... No salt, no spice... I wanted to write the blog that I have been looking for all over the web. I wanted to make a connection with other girls like me.  You see, I was looking for a blog written by a black girl who likes crocheting & yarn shops... vintage inspired things & thrift stores because sometimes you just need to see a familiar face in the sea of everyone else... but it seems that we are few and far between... or maybe just underrepresented.

My roommate said "why don't you just write it?"  And I thought that was a grand idea, but truth be told- I think I'm pretty much failing.  I set up all these themes & plans. I write little bits and bobs at work, but somehow it still feels inauthentic...

I think I'm going to remove all the guidelines I've created for APT-203 & just create.  No more waiting until Thursday to write about thrifting or only showing my favorite things on Tuesday.

I want it to be fluid... like when I crochet... Letting the medium tell me what it is to become & not forcing it into a preset shape.

I want this blog, this space, to ride on its own melting... like a piece of ice on a hot stove... like a poem.  I think Robert Frost was spot on. This week, I will begin the rebirth of Apartment 203 & hopefully resurrecting the spirit in which this blog began.

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