Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Not So Blue Monday #5

Good evening! I hope you had a pleasant day.  Mine was nice.  There were a few moments of struggle this morning, but all in all, it was a truly Not So Blue Monday. :)

Let's see... some things to smile about today.
  1. MY CAR WORKS & IS REGISTERED! Watch out world! I'm mobile again! All thanks to my dad who drove 800+ miles to work on it :)  Now I just have to put on my new license plate & get it washed... 6 months of sitting really does a number on a car.  It feels SOO good to have my car up & running again. Just to have the option of saying "I want to go there" & go without planning for a ride or huffing-n-puffing on my bike (poor outta shape me...) is really refreshing.  Big smiles on this one!
  2. Reading new blogs. I was browsing the sponsors of OneSheepishGirl & found a couple of new blogs to read ^.^ The first one is called Her Library Adventures & after reading a couple posts, I was hooked.  Her style is so girly & cute... I love it! I'm becoming more girly in my day to day clothing choices as well... there's been a serious spike in the floral patterned fabric around here... -chuckle-
  3. Thrift Therapy.  After I got off work today, I spent about an hour & a half at ThriftMart.  I leisurely walked through the store & picked up some nice looking/ nicely priced pieces.  I managed to snag 2 long sleeve solid tees for 50 cents each & a navy blue tea length skirt (excellent for work).  I got some basic belts (white, black, navy) a few books/magazines & some kitchen shelving. I love how I feel in the thrift store. It's calm & peaceful & I feel the stresses of the day float away.  I'm a thrift-a-holic... Oh well... ;)
So, that's it for today. I didn't mean for this post to be so text heavy but alas Lamar has my phone so photos will be added later. 

Good night & I hope your tomorrow is blessed.

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  1. Aww your dad sounds like the greatest.
    I use thrift as therapy too! haha. Sometimes finding something awesome for a dollar is the best cure for a crummy day. :D



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