Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tuesday Favorites #3

This Tuesday has been an up & down roller coaster for me... but here are a few of my favorite aspects of today. Most of these are from a playlist about puppets & such.

This first video really made me smile. Which is something I needed today.

Whenever I get emotional or really sad, I am always drawn to water. I've been aching to get to the beach, but the only "beach" close by is a shell covered lakeside... Be that as it may... I think I'll make the trip so the water can clear my head.

I was absolutely enchanted by this video... that is all.

I thought that was all I wanted to share... until I heard this... There's something about string instruments. Some strange melancholy that seeps into your veins and curls into a ball between your ribs... I can barely breathe listening to this piece... I want to describe the feeling of this in words but they don't do it justice.  Colors won't even do.  Put your headphones in & close your eyes & take a listen.

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