Saturday, May 19, 2012

Thursday, Friday Happy Days!


The past couple of days have been highlighted by some pretty awesome experiences for me :) I wanted to write about them earlier, but I was soo tuckered out from all the running around that I passed out both nights.

First, Thursday was the first Sidewalk Arts Stroll of the summer.  The Stroll happens each third Thursday of May - August.  It was really nice, but the best part was meeting these two ladies.
Me, Melissa L., & Laurie P.

Ms. Laurie, of Fly Creek Farm, dyes her own wool & does a lot of really cute felting. Her site is

Ms. Melissa is a local spinner & maker of drop spindles among other artistic things. Her blog is

Spindle made by Mrs. Melissa & roving from Mrs. Laurie :)

Both of these ladies were very helpful when I told them that I just learned how to spin at Panoply a few weeks ago.  They gave me tips on drafting (which seems to be my biggest spinning hiccup) and some info on upcoming fiber arts festivals & other yarn-lovin' goings on.  They also gave me some online resources for spinning. :)

Fiber people are so friendly!

On to Friday.  Since I work at an SDA school, my Friday shift ends at noon so I have a few hours to get errands run or finish the church bulletin before Sabbath.  Often times, Lamar & I will use that time to find new spots in Huntsville.  Yesterday, we went to the farmer's market for some local honey (I have pesky allergies & he has asthma). After checking out the produce, I wanted to find a yarn shop called Fiber Artworks & he, so graciously, agreed.

It was a bit troublesome to find since my only directions were "it's on Governor's"... But finally, after searching Google & taking the directions on her facebook page- we found her lovely shop.
I have NO idea how we missed the huge yarn ball & knitting needles on the front :)
I didn't take any pictures inside, but the owner, Mrs. Anastasia was really friendly & helpful.  I really liked that the first thing she asked was what I did (crochet, knit, spin, felt...).  It's great to know that there are talented ladies that are willing to help me with my fledgling knitting & spinning.

What are your favorite local yarn shops?


  1. Isn't is awesome how the creative community is so free with helpful information.
    I haven't been bitten by any yarn bugs (yet!) but I love when I go into the fabric store, ask someone for help or their opinion, and then a whole group of ladies chime in with helpful tidbits

    1. I love being a part of the crafty community :) And it doesnt matter what craft you do either, it's an all around great vibe.


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