Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Today in Blips

Hi there =]

I wanted to share a couple blips of my day with you & show the last piece of the CBG blanket.

A hand embroidered handkerchief I got in a huge bag of thrifted fabric.
Doodle from work.
Progress continues on my zentangle. I'm really enjoying it! Very relaxing.
Tying the loose ends together on the CBG. I know I'm suppose to weave them in, but there are just too many!

So, there you have some blips of Caleisha's day =]  I am remembering how much I love to doodle.  I started carrying a notebook around with me at my last job & I'd doodle my thoughts in it. It helped to relieve the stress of that place... I suppose it'll do the same at my present job.  In the "Buried Alive" picture, I had like 3 months worth of receipts & delta airline itineraries on my desk trying to reconcile my boss' AMEX bills... It's so tedious. le'sigh...

Anyway, here is the last piece of the CBG blanket! I got it done at the mall for $12 O.O  Only 12 dollars?!?!?!  I'm going to embroider EVERYTHING! lol =D

This is going to be stitched onto the back of one of the squares. I'm so in love with how it came out!
Well, I'm off to watch Bones & tie the rest of the ends. Hopefully, I'll be done with this part tonight & be able to sew the patch on tomorrow. Then it'll be ready to pack up & be given at the wedding.  Have a great night :)

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  1. Hi, Caleisha! It's Melissa, the spinner lady, aka "Bunnits" (because I have BUNNy rabbITS).I really enjoyed meeting you at the art walk tonight. I recognized the lady in your spinning photo. I know her from the Huntsville Fiber Guild. Will email more info.

    Congratulations on getting the CBG blanket done!
    Love the Zentangle. Those look like such fun. Your doodle from work reminds me of the time I got a new job and had to sort out hundreds of credit memos that were left in a huge pile for months. Also, what a neat find the handkerchief is.

    Finally, I see you are a Bones fan. Me, too! I am a former archaeologist who specialized in skeletal identification. Wonder why I like that show??

    Hope to see you soon. Happy spinning!


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