Sunday, January 27, 2013

A couple things :)

Here are a couple things that make me think about you :) I hope they make you smile ^.^  Let me do a quick disclaimer... Everything St. Patrick's day reminds me of us :) And I'll probably be adding a few more bits to my little collection as March approaches.  Yes, it's cheesy but I love it ^.^

I found this bow-tie at some craft store and I couldn't help but to get it.  I'm already thinking of wearing it as a bow-tie to work, and also as a headband.

I just got these socks earlier tonight from Target.  They had another pair, but they had beer all over them... so they stayed right in the store.  I figure, socks make me smile, these socks remind me of you, my feet are now fashionable, it's a win however you flip it! Hurray!!



  1. I love you, your cheesy bow-tie, and those cozy, clover covered feet with all my heart. It's been such a bummer not being close enough to hold you and spend those quality moments in each others presence. I can't wait until we are near each other again and can spend quality time doing nothing. Take impromptu trips wherever. Take walks (or drives) around random neighborhoods and share what our photographer eye sees, or better yet dream about our future together. I'm so grateful God placed you in my life and I'm going to do my part to make sure you stay there. I Love You my Cuanaa!! Happy Sunday
    P.S. I love Kiva and Toot also :-)

  2. *tear!!!* you two are beautiful!
    Caleisha I'm lovin the pics, esp. the bow-tie pic :) you look super happy

  3. I think it is fun, not cheesy. (And, probably a bit lucky with those clover socks.) :)

    The bow tie is just adorable. Brought a smile to my face.


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