Thursday, January 31, 2013

What's on My Hook #20: Pom Pom 'Splosion!

Sheesh! I haven't done a WOMH post since the beginning of the month... I need to blog more regularly. *shrug*

So last night I decided I wanted to make myself yet another hat... and not just any hat. I wanted to make a hat that is gathered at the top instead of decreased down... Random, I know. So I grabbed a couple balls of Wool Ease chunky (not sure of the color... maybe amber or something) and whipped this puppy up.  It's stupid simple and I'm thinking I'll make more... I seem to be in a hat tizzy. I've been wearing hats to work like everyday for a long time now... Oh well. Call it "protective styling."  Anywho, feast your eyes upon my newest hat, complete with ginormous pom-pom!

I should've wrapped more layers on the pom-pom to make it more round instead of floppy... I think I'll edit that later. So yeah, my fingers got the 'make something' itch and this is what was born.  Does that happen to anyone else?  Sometimes you just have to create?

I sure do love my chunky yarns... ^.^


  1. That's a really cute hat. I love the pom pom on top.

  2. It's so cute! I love the pom pom. Maybe I should add a pom pom to my slouchy hat too??!!

    P.S. I'm totally working on my own Bow Headband from the book Crochet Boutique too (saw it in your earlier post)!! We'll be twins. Also, are you on Ravelry?

    1. I'm down for pom poms on eVeRyThInG... :) I'd love to see your bow headband. What color did you choose? I am on ravelry, but only for pattern purposes really. Username: pnhandmades

  3. This is a really cute hat! I got the fwd on the crochet puppies! their soooo cute! thanks for that..ok. so I'll be making puppies and not monkeys then lol in green :) ur going to love them.


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