Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Goodbye 2012; Hello 2013 ^.^

Of course, these days, everyone is uploading the requisite year end/ new year posts and here is mine to add to the lovely pile ^.^

I decided to make a list of the awesome points of my year.  It's not a complete list, as I'm terrible at remembering things when I sit down to write about them, but that's why keeping this blog is really great for me. :) So on with the list!

1) Made some great blogger friends
      -Auntie C

These ladies have become really important to me as I'm getting more comfortable here in the 'blogosphere' :)  They're lovely.

2) Made some real life crafty friends
      -Mrs. Nina: Fiber Artworks on Ravelry
      -Ms. Susan
      -Ms. Laurie:
      -Ms. Melissa:

This year I decided to infuse more creativity into my everyday.  Luckily, I met these four ladies who have encouraged me in my crochet/fiber endeavors.  They were/are quick to give me tips or teach me new stitches. I'm looking forward to see what I will learn from them in the new year.

3) Built up my Kitchen Confidence

I started baking desserts for bi-monthly church potlucks maybe 3 months ago.  Lo and behold, I'm really enjoying it! ...who knew... I use to be afraid of cooking, like I would get legitimately anxious at the thought.  Now, I'm developing a new comfort with being in the kitchen baking.  Next up will be cooking. ;)

4) Went yarn bombing 3 times
      -Fiber Artworks yarn bomb
      -Sheepish yarn bomb day
      -Pink yarn bombs

Yarn bombing was something I'd wanted to do for a while.  I'm so glad that Ms. Nina gave me the opportunity to bomb her store.  That gave me the confidence boost to do the other 2 installations.  Thanks to Meredith of OneSheepishGirl for having the Sheepish yarn bomb day and thanks for all my friends that participated in Pink yarn bombs for Breast Cancer Awareness.  Love you guys!

5) Learned how to spin yarn

What can I say about this accomplishment?  I learned and was hooked!  It's rather relaxing and how awesome is it to make something out of yarn you crocheted yourself?!?  You can't beat that!

6) Learned how to dye yarn with food coloring

This is along the same lines as the spinning accomplishment.  I love wearing the hat I made with my hand-dyed yarn.  If it wasn't unique enough to have a handmade hat, knowing that the yarn is truly one of a kind is really cool ^.^

7) Finished a queen size crochet blanket for my bestsisterfriend Amber's wedding gift

My best friend got married earlier in the year and I gave her a crochet blanket. I was so very proud of this blanket as it's the biggest thing I've ever completed... ever...  I'm glad she's happy and I pray God's blessings on her in 2013.


Good night and I hope you had a wonderful and safe new year's day!  >>HUGS<<


  1. A good year of creative learning for you. Thanks for including me in your list. You warm my heart and encourage me.

    May this year be one of blessing and growth for you.


    1. *.* Thank you for the blessings, Auntie. May you be richly blessed this year as well!

  2. Caleisha!!!! your post to me was like my elephant post to you! :) thank you hun <3


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