Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Perks of Being Nice

or On Listening to Your Boyfriend When He Tells You Not to Cuss Out the Burger King Worker.

Good evening. Tonight I have a quick little tale for you.
Tonight after running a few errands and taking a benadryl, I came to the conclusion that I was too tired to cook anything for dinner.  I was quite hungry tho... so I did what any relatively unhealthy eater would do... Burger King to the rescue!!

I ordered a meatless Whopper meal and a sprite with no ice.  Now, I've ordered that specific thing many-a-time in the past without incident so I didn't check the bag.  That is, I didn't check the bag until I got home and sat down to eat my long awaited dinner.  I open the whopper box and what do I find???  A big ole slab of meat!  First I thought, "MAAAAN!!!!! That's gross!!!!!!!! Maybe I can just take it off... the dogs will really enjoy this."  Then I looked at the bottom bun... it had soaked up meat juice... No dice on picking the meat off...  Next I thought, "I'll just give it to my friend John," but he didn't respond to my text message... Lastly I mentioned the whole frustrating thing to Lamar, who calmly said, "Just take it back."  So I got back in my car to drive back around the corner to BK (luckily they're like a mile from my house).  On the ride, I was fussing and ranting about how I just wanted to eat and really wanted to yell at someone because the person that took my order put it in correctly- it was the one that made it that messed it up...

A few deep breaths later, I tell the BK cashier what happened and showed her my receipt.  The graciously remade my sandwich and gave me some fresh fries as well. 

Morals of the story: 1) Always check your order before leaving. ALWAYS. 2) Be kind to people, you may get free fries :)

So now, my belly's full and I'm rather happy about that. Thanks Lamar!


  1. A meatless whopper!? seriously! LOL What are you eating? onion, lettuce and mayo? you kill me.

    My sister says BK has a really good black bean burger. I haven't tried it but she eats it frequently

    1. lol!! I replace the meat with french fries... that sounds so weird to write... *oh well* Their veggie burger is good. I use to get them all the time, but I've recently gotten tired of them.


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