Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Calm Jar DIY Tutorial

I think I've mentioned how I like to watch youtube videos while I'm crocheting, and recently I saw this awesome do-hickey called a 'calm jar'.  It involves a jar, hot water, glue, and the herpes of the craft world... GLITTER!!!! (lol)

1. Gather your supplies: jar, hot water, clear tacky glue, glitter
2. Fill your jar with the hot water
3. Add a lot of glue (I ended up putting like a third of the bottle & I think I'm gonna add more)
4. Add as much glitter as you want
5. Close securely
6. Shake well to mix.  If the glitter settles too fast, add more glue.
7. When you're satisfied, glue the lid down to avoid any unfortunate spillage.
7. Ta-da!

I have this one on my desk at work and it's really nice to have around. One of the student workers came in and played with it for like 5 mins.  I'm going to make another one in a different shape bottle.  It's such a really quick and easy project, I might as well make a set, right??

Plus, for like the first time in my life, I used glitter and didn't spill a piece!  What?!?! Yay me!


  1. LOL this is great, "Herpes of the craft world..GLITTER!" love it.. the glitter globe effect is really cool, I'd be shaking it around too if I saw it. Knowing me I'd drop it by accident -___-

    1. lol ^.^ I forget where I first heard that glitter comment, but it's so true. If you spill glitter, you never get rid of it... it just goes away for a while.

      ps. dont forget to send me some pics so I can get some buttons going for you

  2. I want to make one of these so bad now! Solely for myself...haha.

    1. You really should. It's a good "take a break" craft.

  3. Really like this, will have to try out soon. Need something calming on my work desk.

  4. BAHAHAHAHA craft world herpes! That's killer.
    This is a good idea! so soothing. :)

  5. ha! love the Demetri Martin reference. Swoon!

    1. FRICKIN FRACK! That's where I heard it! I couldn't remember for anything, lol. I think my ultimate Demetri Martin joke has to be the unfaithfulness of drinking straws and ice cubes :)


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