Friday, November 1, 2013

Finally I'm Finished #3: Making Ear Warmers

"I don’t make things because I need them. I can buy hats and socks and things to fill my frames. I need the making, and I end up with things." ~ Amanda of On the Craft

This quote pretty much sums up my recent craftings.  I've made 4 ear warmers this week... well technically 5 but I frogged and reworked one.  It's so calming to sit with my hook and yarn. Just wrapping and pulling and feeling the fiber move through my hands.

I use to hate frogging out things, but I don't mind so much anymore. Especially if I'm not working from a pattern.  It's almost like starting with a general idea and letting the yarn fill in the details.  So with that said, on to some pictures.

Basket weave turban style ear warmer
Offset single rib turban style ear warmer
T-shirt yarn turban style headband
Brick stitch turban style ear warmer
All four finished bands
Close up of textures

Gee... I'm seeing a color pattern here...  The brick stitch is the most cozy one. I think it'll be the only one recreated for my shop.  I think it was the chunky yarn that works for me.  The t-shirt yarn band was a fail.  It looks cute, but provides no actual warmth and the t-shirt bits come off in your hair.  No fun.  The other two are nice, but not warm enough to really call proper 'ear warmers'.  They'd be better suited as fashion over function accessories.  Good to know.

I hope your week went well. I'm feeling a lot better than yesterday.  Today was a quiet stay at home day listening to pandora.  I got a couple messages from loving friends/family via blog comment, facebook, & text messages and I really appreciate them.

Have a good weekend!

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