Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thankfulness: Whoa! Christmas in Walmart

Just a little Instagram video for ya!


I'm thankful to have made it all the way through 2013 to the beginning of another "Christmas season"... even though it's not yet Thanksgiving. :)  I hope this little video makes you smile ^.^

*EDIT* I guess mozilla doesnt like allowing instagram videos to post. BOO!  If you want, it's up on my feed. My IG name is @nadiratani :)


  1. Hi Caleisha! I can't see the video.. Did it post?? Also, what's your IG username! Lets be friends! Find me! Janette Lane Blog..


    Janette Lane Blog

    1. I guess my blog didnt want to post it :( My IG is @nadiratani


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