Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Cherry Red

'Ello there :)

I feel like it's been a while since I posted... Woo... it's been exactly a week o.O  My bad.  So here we are back at WIP Wednesday. I finished the top-down ribbed hat from last week, but as it turns out, I like the bottom-up version better. *shrug*  Things you don't find out til you try.

Anywho, I'm on to the next project.  Since this past Monday was veteran's day, lots of stores had special sales and coupons out. So I stopped by Michaels and Joann's for a few crafty bits.  I have recently started using the Vanna's choice worsted weight yarn and I love the cushiness of it.  What I do not love is the price.  It normally runs about $4 per ball.. which I cannot abide and neither can my wallet...  lucky me I recently thrifted a couple new balls to add to my stash.  But anyway, Michaels had them on sale for $2.29 and on top of that I had a 25% off total purchase coupon. I picked up 2 red and 2 yellow and with the 25% off it was pretty much buy 3 get 1 free :) I'll take it.  Then I went over to Joann's armed with 3 60% off coupons and got 3 balls of bulky weight yarn. Stash upgraded.

The first yarn I cracked into was the red Vanna's Choice.  I wanted to make a bow detailed ear warmer... (I'm in this ear warmer making phase evidently... *shrug*) So that is my current WIP. I finished the pieces for the bow detail today, but I decided it was scaled too large.  And like the grand blogger I am, I've forgotten to take pictures... >insert epic eyeroll here< 

Please forgive the shatty camera phone snapshot, but I wanted to show the scale issue.
That little band in the back is the beginning of the headband part, so you can see the gross scale difference between the bow.  Yeah... That bow is getting frogged asap...  I am loving the yarn tho. Glad I snagged it ^.^

Good night!


  1. So cute! ^_^ I love that shade of red!

    - Anna

    1. Thanks Anna! Hopefully it'll be done by the weekend. It's gotten surprisingly cold down here, but it's suppose to go back up to the 80s this weekend... No fun for yarn crafters in Florida *shrug* :)


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