Friday, March 20, 2015

How Does Your Garden Grow

Last Friday I started my first garden!  I spent a couple days prior gathering supplies: seeds, pots, soil, seed starters, etc.  Currently, my garden has lemon balm and spearmint plants, and I'm starting the rest from seeds.  I'll *hopefully* have basil, broccoli, cucumbers, green beans, lavender, rosemary, and spinach.  I am also attempting to start a chinese plum (loquat) plant from seeds from my in-laws' tree. *fingers crossed* My mom and Lamar think I should grow tomatoes... but as I don't like them, I am still undecided on that front.  Writing all this out just now makes me sound suuuper ambitious, but hey, go big or go home... right?!

Beginner's Gardening
These are the potted Lemon Balm & Spearmint plants.

The lemon balm and spearmint are supposedly good for teas.  I really wanted peppermint, but couldn't find any, so gonna make this spearmint work.  When I get the plants more settled, I'll try making the tea.  I'm excited to taste whole leaf from my garden tea ^.^

Beginner's Gardening
Here are the finished pots, pods, & jars.

It's been a long time since I've done any gardening, so getting my hands in the dirt and planting each seed was nicely satisfying.  I felt like I was tucking each seed into a wee little bed ^.^  Anywho, a few of them have already sprouted, as you can see.  I'm very excited to watch them continue to grow. And I'm pretty sure that the first salad I have with my own veggies will be the best salad ever! lol

Beginner's Gardening

Beginner's Gardening
Of course I couldn't plant a garden without DIYing some cute labels :)
Thumbs up for jumping into my 30before30 garden and all the work it'll need!  It's going to be fun ^.^
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  1. Good luck on your garden!! Your plants all look so healthy and happy! Makes me feel like I should get started but the world is a little behind here in zone 4..... mmmm plants. There's nothing like a salad made from your own veggies :)

    1. Thanks Sandy! I looked at my lavender plant today and there was a wee little sprout. I wanted to run all around the house ^.^ Is it still covered in snow up there in the mountains or Delaware? I'm totally unsure of where you actually live o.O


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