Tuesday, March 3, 2015

30 Before 30

A couple days before my birthday I decided that I wanted to make a "30 things I want to do before I turn 30"  list.  The idea has come to mind a few times in the past, but I never made any kind of bucket-ish list.  I figured that the last year of my 20s should be spent doing ^.^  I mean I could develop some good habits, improve some skills, discover a new passion, and make a ton of memories.  Who knows! So I sat down and jotted out this list.  I will admit that it didn't all come to me easily - I had to do some googling and read some other people's lists for inspiration, but after a couple days I was done.  I've also broken the list down into categories.  And here it is ^.^

                           Mental, Physical, Spiritual Health

        • Read the Bible
          I plan to read the Bible and record my favorite texts or passages from each book.  This may overlap my birthday, but that's ok because this is something that I really need to do.
        • Finish 20 books
          Last year, I set a goal to finish 15 books.  I finished up with 18.  I think that sets me up well for this year.
        • Yoga-cise regularly
          I'm sadly out of shape... not overweight or anything, but I get winded running up the steps.  I want to build healthy habits so that whenever Lamar and I have kids, I'll be able to pass those habits on to them.
        • Volunteer at an animal shelter
          When I lived in Huntsville, I would go to the animal shelter and just visit with the dogs.  It makes me feel good to kind of give back to the dogs less fortunate than Kiva & Tootie :)
        • Do a split
          I have always wanted to be able to do a split.  That's about it to this one.

        • Etsy for real
          I started my Etsy shop, The Light Crochet, within the last year and I definitely dropped it by the wayside.  So I want to get back to it and actually make and list pieces.  Wish me luck!
        • Finish the quilt
          I started a proper patchwork quilt back in June 2012 and it's still not finished.  ::shameface::
        • Crochet a sweater, a church shawl, and a top
          Most of my crochet projects are things like blankets, accessories, hats, and whatnot. So I want to learn to make other more usable things and try my hand at making clothing.
        • Reupholster/Refinish a piece of furniture
          Lamar and I love watching the show "Flea Market Flip" and we're always saying how we could do a lot of the refinishing they do.  I'm planning to stop talking about it and be about it. Yep. Bringing out the power tools!
        • Organize a yarn bombing
          I think I'm gonna plan on doing something for International Yarn Bomb day in June.  Or maybe I'll participate in another Sheepish Yarn Bomb or a Love bomb or something along those lines.
        • Make a few Youtube videos
          This is another of those things I talk about doing, but I haven't done because I don't think I'm interesting enough.  So I'm going to record some of these goals as I go along.  That way my family and friends can follow along with me.  I think that's a good reason to make videos.  Plus watching old videos is fun.
        • View an exhibit at the Orlando Museum of Art
          I want to go just because I've never been.  When I was in college, students could go to the Huntsville Art Museum every Friday for like $5 and I never went.  That's four years of Fridays! I totally wasted those opportunities.
        • Blog regularly
          Writing is a lot of fun for me and I really enjoyed when I was blogging more consistently.  Plus the more you write the better you become at it.

        • Photograph 3 historical downtown areas
          I want to explore/photograph areas like Mt. Dora, Longwood, and Orlando.
        • Complete 3-6 photo shoots
          This one is pretty much self-explanatory.
        • Complete 3-6 photo stories
          I'm defining a 'photo story' as a group of pictures that tell a story in a journalistic way.
        • Build print and online portfolios
          This absolutely MUST be done.  More of my friends and church members are asking me about photography and it will be awesome to be able to show them an updated portfolio of my work.

                           Suzie Homemaker Skills
        • Make sushi & French macarons
          This is here because I love treating myself to these two things every so often and when I do I always think that I should just make them at home.  I know macarons have the reputation of being super difficult, but I really think I'll be able to make them.
        • Plant an herb garden
          I know I want mint, rosemary, and basil to start. In my mind I have a long window box with my herbs growing in the kitchen window of Lamar and my future home. :)
        • Eat and Eat Better
          I always forget to eat when I'm out and about.  I spend too much money on fast food when I'm completely capable of making food at home and carrying it to work with me.  Plus, this is another good habit to pass on to our kids.
        • Make and keep a cleaning schedule
          Must. Regularly. Clean.  A clean home/space definitely helps me feel more positive and clear mentally.

                           Make Memories with Lamar
        • Learn to play Bless the Broken Road on guitar
          This is the song I walked down the aisle to.  It would be awesome to be able to play and sing it to Lamar *.*  (yeah... just marinate in that cuteness!)
        • Hike Wekiwa Springs
          Lamar and I use to go hiking on Monte Sano in Huntsville and we havent done anything like that since being in Florida.  I also hear that Wekiwa Springs state park is just great by itself.
        • Go zip-lining
          I'm sure I'll be scared, but it'll be fun.  Lamar and I accidentally discovered a zip-lining place at the Sanford Zoo... I think it was Sanford.
        • Do the paddleboats at Lake Eola
          Another cutesy thing I want to do with mah boo ^.^
        • Go to Rebounderz
          Rebounderz is a place that has trampolines on the floors and walls.  They also have basketball hoops.  I want to take pictures of Lamar dunking.  Those photos will be EPIC!
        • Go to CityArts Factory for a comedy
          I found this place on a list of free things to do in Orlando.  We dubbed Wednesday nights as date night and I'd like to start doing more new/out of the box things together.
        • Write songs for our future kids
          Lamar has been asking me to write a song with him for a reeeally long time, and I think it would be awesome if we had a specially lullaby to sing to our kids.  I also want to write a good morning song and a soothing song. 
        • Visit and review 6 hole-in-the-wall restaurants
          This is another of Lamar's ideas and another thing we talk about doing but have yet to do.  Being that he's such a foodie and whenever we go out to eat we end up sounding like the judges table on Chopped, this should be a fun activity.
                           Because... Why Not?
        • Learn to juggle
          Yes.  I will juggle.  Then I will go to the studio and get my picture taken while juggling.  That will be awesome!

And that's my list!  I've already spent a week doing nothing on said list, so I'm gonna go now and watch a video on juggling ^.^

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