Tuesday, March 10, 2015

What I Want in Life... According to Facebook

This morning I was scrolling down my Facebook timeline, as you do, and I came across this crossword.  The title said the first three words you find are what you want in life.  I glanced around it and saw these words: time, happiness, friends.

Of course that got me thinking about what I actually want in life.  And I'd say those three words are pretty accurate.

A long time ago, I was complaining to my dad about not having enough time to do something.  He said, "It's not that you don't have the time, you didn't TAKE the time."  So I want to Take time for specific things.  Time for working.  Time to learn new things.  Time to enjoy hobbies.  Time to build relationships.  Time to observe.  Time to reflect.  Time to have fun with Lamar.  Time to visit family and friends.   Time appreciate this life I have.

I think happiness is one of the most simple things we want from life.  I want to be happy at home and at work.  I want my happiness to be spilled out onto others.  I want my family to be happy.  And even when I have down days or weeks or whatever, I want to always remember that happiness is not something that just happens- it has to be consciously cultivated.  So as long as I have it somewhere in my mind to be happy, then it will come.

Friends and Family relationships are very important to me. Even though I'm rather introverted in social settings, I cling wholeheartedly to the people I consider to be friends.  These are the people who I share common ground with, they accept me and my quirks, and we spend time together doing whatever.  Some of these friends have seen me at my lowest and stuck by me.  They encouraged me and helped me get through particularly dark times.  I'm very blessed to be able to say I have such awesome friends.  (Hugs and love to all you guys!)

Don't you love when a random thing on Facebook causes you to really think about life? ^.^ What were your 3 words?

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