Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Lion King Sunrise

I was in a waiting room verrrry early yesterday.  I mean like sun-still-sleep-early.  Anyway, the waiting room had a wall of windows with the prettiest view of a lake and -as luck would have it- the sunrise.

Now under normal circumstances, I rarely ever see the sunrise unless I didn't go to sleep the night before.  So seeing this one was a treat and the photographer in me couldn't simply watch.  It was really cool watching the sky go from black all the way to daylight.  I don't think I ever knew exactly how fast the sun comes up.  I mean, I could literally see it moving up in the sky!

I may have (honestly and truly) struggled not to sing the beginning of Circle of Life out loud.  But please believe, I was singing and dancing in my head ^.^  Here are the pictures.  Feel free to play Circle of Life in the background as you scroll ;-)

Have a great day!

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