Friday, February 8, 2013

Artsy-To-Do #2

Ello! Happy Friday! This is my second installment of my Artsy-to-do list... I think what I'm going to do with this idea is gather things every week and then at the end of the month show what I actually completed. Sound like a plan?  Sounds good to me.  If you find something that you think I'd like, leave me a link. I'm trying to inject as much creativity into my non-work life as possible :)

Source: The Blue Eyed Owl
Why have I never thought of printing on old book pages?!? This is so cute! ::scribbles ideas in notebook:: This is definitely a great idea for decorating the apartment that I will find in Florida. (I'm claiming that!)

Source: Ucreate
I always see things like this and say, "I should make that for Lamar."  Then I stop and try to imagine where in his man world would he put a framed embroidered conversation heart... I come up empty. Maybe I'll make it and keep in on my bookshelf... cuz I'm a girl, and can have cutesy things like this :)

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