Thursday, February 28, 2013

See You Later February

Wow... I can hardly believe that February is over!  This has been an event filled month for me to say the least, and it doesn't look like it'll be slowing down any time soon.  Not sure how I feel about that honestly.

As of today, I have 9 days left on my lease >.<  Last night, Lamar and I were talking about the logistics of him getting up here, where to rent the truck, when to pack the truck, and all that jazz.  It's been stressful. Sorting through all my belongings and determining what to give away, throw away, and keep.  I have 3 bags of clothes to donate and I'm planning cut my yarn/fabric stash in half.  I've told my local crafty friends to come and "shop my stash."  I'm selling furniture on Craigslist and giving pieces away. (One of the members of my poetry club told me his roommate needs a bed and was totally surprised when I said I'd give him mine. I remember that college kid struggle, I will gift where I can lol.)  I'm stalking wal-mart near midnight to pick up boxes.  But even with all that I'm doing, I feel like nothing is getting done.  Maybe it'll be better when I get all this furniture out.  I need to see my room clearing out.

Blurry photo of my box stack...
Enough of moving talk.

I feel like I should write a list of March goals... I never did share my 2013 goals with you guys, forgetful me.  Well, let me share them now.  The original list had 12 goals... as you can see it's grown :) Now, it's bloomed to 20 goals & is chock full of potential good habits.  I think I'm going to go 'The Happiness Project' way about keeping these and make a chart/calendar type thing... just to keep it visible.

-Make a budget & stick to it
-Read at least 15 books
-Volunteer at an animal shelter
-Deliberately style my hair at least once a month
-Walk the dogs twice a week

-Find a job where I fit
-Make "work friends" that I'd actually hang out with

-Get involved in some way
-Help Lamar with BridgeMinistries

-Get comfortable cooking food & not just baking
-Clean the house every week
-Sweep/Vacuum 3 times a week

-Start my online shop
-Crochet & Knit a pair of socks
-Find a crafting group to attend
-Create an online photography portfolio

-Redesign Apt-203 & start the FB fan page
-Introduce more DSLR photography on Apt-203 & less camera phone-age
-Always carry a camera to take daily life photos
-Expand my reach & meet new bloggers

That's all for now. Wish me stamina in this packing game and focus with incorporating my goals!
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