Thursday, February 21, 2013

Leibster Award!

Well would you look at this :-)

I was tagged by Elle of My Dearest Friend for the Leibster Blog Award last week. ^.^ Huzzah!  This award is geared towards introducing you to other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  I have to tag 11 bloggers, share 11 facts about myself, and then answer the 11 questions given by the person who tagged me.  So here we go :-)

Welp, it looks like I only have 6 people that fit the Leibster requirements... *shrug* That just means, if you're reading this and want to participate, I tag you too ^.^
  1. Alina @ Pin Prik'd & Hook'd
  2. Shakti @ ShaktiDove
  3. Jesse @ Well It's Okay
  4. Nicole @ Nicole Marie
  5. Jessica @ Sew in Love
  6. Tiff Ima @ Style Honestly
11 Things About Caleisha
  1. One of my favorite holidays is St. Patrick's Day for completely gushy, cheesy, lovey-dovey reasons :~)
  2. I love photography, but have been really slacking on making time to do it.  Shooting film is my favorite.
  3. My favorite shows to watch on Netflix are Bones, Heroes, and Warehouse 13... if only they'd update with the next season of Warehouse 13, I'd be so happy.  (Come on Netflix!)
  4. I like sleeping and so do my dogs.
  5. My dogs are Kiva (beagle/jack russell) and Toot (chihuahua/rat terrier).  They are serious about their relaxation time. Kiva likes to lounge in the sun and Toot has made a "cave of wonders" under my bed.
  6. My booski (yep, I did that) and I have a special text smiley.  It looks like this :~) It's for nose kisses. Once I had to fax him something at work and I put the smiley at the bottom of the page as a secret message to him. 
  7. My birthday is Feb 24 and so is my Mom's.  AND we were both born on Monday.
  8. I've had two knee surgeries, but never got crutches... They gave me an immobilizer and I had to "walk it off" lol.
  9. I love shopping in thrift stores. It actually give me great joy to realize that my whole outfit (save underclothes/socks/tights) is likely thrifted.  I strangely feel at peace in thrift stores... I'm most likely a shopaholic, but I justify it by knowing the sale days.
  10. Once a friend and I drove to Birmingham for a poetry show on just enough gas to get there.  So we had to sell poetry books to make enough money to get us home.  It was a great night!
  11. I am very much in to DIY, handmade, homemade things.  I crochet, sew, refashion clothes, & knit a bit... I have been known to refinish furniture and reupholster chairs.  
 11 Questions from my Tag-er Elle (My Dearest Friend)
  1. Name one of your obsessions.
    I'm obsessed with... buying yarn and fabric.  I literally have to avoid that section of the store & if I do venture there I have to seriously ask myself 'Caleisha are you REALLY going to use this yarn in the next few weeks?'  She almost always says "Of course I am! And I dont have this color or this fiber! We NEEEEED to BUYYYYY it!" And drops 3 balls in the basket... *shame face*
  2. Cats or Dogs
  3. What was the most life changing moment in your life?
    Umm... I didn't know it at the time, but it would have to be my first date with Lamar.
  4. Most recent epic fail, haha.
    My last show poetry performance.  I was really anxious about the piece and had a panic attack in the middle of it. :(
  5. One thing you still don’t understand about anything.
    Why we need imaginary numbers. WHY?
  6. The last great book you read.
    Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  7. 5 things you couldn’t live without.
    Family/friends, Lamar, my dogs, something crafty, sunshine
  8. Most recent RAK (Random Act of Kindness) both given and received.
    Oohh... umm... I gave a student a ride to his dorm one day and I can't think of anything for received right now.
  9. Top 5 songs that describe who you were in high school.
    heh get ready for the teenage angst... Don't Let Me Get Me by Pink, Unpretty by TLC, F*cking Perfect by Pink, Broadway by Goo Goo Dolls, Family Portrait by Pink... Are you seeing the trend here... pretty much anything by Pink circa 2000-2001.
  10. Top 5 songs that describe who you are right now.
    Lucky by Jason Mraz & Colbie Caillat, Home by Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros, You and I by Ingrid Michaelson, Everything's Okay by Lenka, Feeling Good by Michael Buble'
  11. What was the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
    Honestly, I don't think I've really done anything "crazy" yet... maybe my big chop in college... I cut all my hair off. It was like a centimeter long... I was nervous that I'd look like a boy.  Which was a bit true, because I got the "are you a boy or a girl" question all summer from the kids at the boys and girls club where I worked.
 11 Questions for my Tag-ees
  1. What was the first blog you really got into reading?
  2. If you could do anything as a career what would it be?  Your bills are already paid.
  3. What was the last spontaneous thing you did?
  4. If you walked into a room right now, what song would play?
  5. What is your guilty pleasure?
  6. What book has been influential in your life? Why?
  7. How did you choose your blog title?
  8. Do you thrift? If so, what was your most awesome thrift store find?
  9. Where are you most at peace?
  10. Give us a piece of advice about anything?
  11. Where would you love to live?
So that's it! Sheesh that was long!!! Check out the ladies I've tagged.  Hopefully, we can meet some new bloggers and make some new friends through this Leibster thing :-) Have a great Thursday!


  1. Thanks for tagging! I will certainly participate :)

  2. Oh, this is so fun! Congrats girl! I know you must love St. Paddy's day. I remember your adorable clover bowtie! A dog cave under the bed sounds interesting. Have you dared to see what all was under there??! ;)

    P.S. Happy early birthday! Treat yourself to some fun thrifted finds! :)


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