Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Totally Awesome Blog Hop

Sooo... I'm doing something a bit different for myself... I joined the Totally Awesome Blog Hop.  Yep, I've been wanting to find new blogs to read and it seems that clicking the sponsors of the blogs I already follow is just a big circle. Anyway, the Blog Hop is hosted by four bloggers who are pretty nifty.  Between them, there's DIY, personal style, a dash of vintage, lots of colors, and some pretty cool design.  So, here's to finding some new and interesting people.

If you want to join, click the button :)  So far, there are more than 140 people on it. o.O  I'll never be bored at work again!!! lol

Chantillysongs Blog hop

Hosted by: 
Chantilly of ChantillySongs
Liz of The Blue Eyed Owl
Gentri of Gentri Lee
Sabrina of The Little Owl

So yeah, check it out. :)

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  1. hello Caleisha! I found your blog through the blog hop... isn't fantastic? we can follow each other if you like... just hit me on my blog if you want. :)



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