Friday, September 20, 2013

Finally I'm Finished! #1: Introduction

Hi! I'm (as you can see over the last few posts) starting new weekly topics on here.  So with the updates, Fridays have been dubbed 'Finished Object Fridays'.  I really want to come up with something more clever, but alas it's been a long day and I'm fresh out of cleva.

Anywho, it's just as it sounds, me showing my recently finished projects.  Hopefully, having this topic will help me with my collection of UFO's (unfinished objects) and create stock for my etsy shop. 

So for this first installment of Finally I'm Finished!, I'm showing my first DIY apron ^.^  Yay!  Sheree (my roommate) asked me to make her an apron to wear in her classroom.  She found it super frustrating to run out of pockets for things at work.  Now of course I couldn't just buy a pattern or look one up online, I had to dream it up from doodle to finished piece.

I pulled out my trunk o' fabric and she picked out a few bits, but I ended up getting some other pieces from Joann's (some lace trim and owl print fabric).

I basically cut out a bunch of rectangles: one of the main teal fabric, one of the backing burgundy fabric, a smaller one of the owl print for the pockets and a few long thin ones for the waistband/ties.

This is all the big pieces laid out... Obviously I suck at progress shots, because the next pictures I took were the whole finished piece. *shrug*

The finished apron has 3 large pockets for her to put all her what-nots and her tablet.  And the lace gives her a cute little retro feel.

I told her after I finished, that when I got around to sewing on the owl fabric I was a bit terrified that it was going to be upside down o.O  Luckily, I got it right.

I think it turned out pretty good for a first time apron doodled on a sticky note pad.  The next time I think I'm going to make the corners rounded and go bigger on the lace.

Alrighty, that's it for this week.  My goal is to have a completed project to feature every Friday.  Since I'm not having Crafternoons anymore, this will have to be it.  Hope you have a great weekend!



  1. Omgosh that is super cute and it has pockets! w00t! Great job! <3 ^_^

    - Anna


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