Tuesday, September 17, 2013

This is a What #1

When I decided to recommit myself to regular blogging, one of my objectives was to do more photography.  Last year my blogger friend Shakti held a weekly photo link-up called 'Take Tuesday.'  Each week she and, fellow blogger, Nicole would give a theme or topic and we would go out and take pictures following it.  I really enjoyed it.  My favorite themes were Sunrise and Water. (click -here- for Shakti's Take Tuesday posts, -here- for Nicole's Take Tuesday posts, and -here- for mine)

I had lots of fun with that idea and even took to doing those photo-a-day prompts (check out @fatmumslim on instagram for some good ones). I loved how it got me in the habit of paying closer attention to my surroundings.  I was always looking for a good shot or something to fit into the day's requirement.

This brings me to the point of today's post, I'm going to start my own weekly photography doo-dad!  It shall be called "This is a what?" (like that kid's game! Who remembers that?!?)

This is a What? Rules:
1. Find an object and take a picture of the whole thing
2. Take 4 more shots focusing on the details of the object.  Think extreme close up or interesting angle.
3. Show your work! 

Here's my first entry... The Roald Dahl Collection (great author btw)

As you can see... I kinda fell in love with the pages. :)  I also noticed that as I was taking the pictures, I started feeling more relaxed.  This is definitely something that I'll benefit from weekly ^.^ Huzzah for stress killing activities!

I'm pretty sure doing this will be a good way to start looking at more details and seeing regular things more creatively.  Right now, I don't know if I'm going to come up with themes or prompts to go with this idea.  If you want to participate, take your pictures and leave your blog post link in the comments. :)  I'd love to see! 

Should I add themes?
Should I make this a link-up?
What do you think?

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