Monday, September 2, 2013

Not So Blue Monday #24: Photog-Supastar!!!

Hey y'all! (said in my good ol' southern accent)

Today was the lovely Labor Day "holiday"... & by "holiday" I mean, a day off for everyone but me.  Luckily, I work with fun people which made the day go pleasantly.   So for this NSB Monday post, I'm going to do a quick list cuz I'm a bit tuckered out :)  Here we go!
  • I got to work 10 minutes early today!  That means I got to ease into the shift instead of speed walking through the parking lot, into the store, & beelining to the studio.  I'm going to make a better effort to do this every day.  It really changes how I start the day mindset-wise.
  • Lamar & Sheree (my friend from college and new roommate) came to visit me at work today & we all went to lunch together ^.^
  • Sheree & I stopped in Bath & Body Works... I'm pretty sure I'll be buying candles soon >.<  Yummy yummy candles!!
  • Because the evening was super busy and it was just me & one other guy working, I ended up shooting four sessions back to back! Which is why I've dubbed myself a Photog-Supastar *thumbs up*  There was a family of 4, a SCREAMING 1 year old, an 18 month old, & a 14 month old.  Gladly, the 1 yr old was the only one who cried the whole time.
    • Lamar told me later that he enjoyed getting to watch me in the camera room.  I'm glad he's proud of the work I do.  He's so supportive *.*
  • I got to replace my work shoes.  Now that doesn't sound like a big deal, but here is a picture of my old shoes & their replacements... 
  • Yep... crazy right?!?
  •  Lastly, this Monday was not so blue because as I'm writing this, I'm relaxing at Lamar's with my dogs.  A great end to a pretty good day. ^.^  (look at me being all sappy)
I hope you had a fun holiday, maybe did some grilling, or visited a beach or something cool.  If you had to work, hopefully your customers/assignments were good ones.

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