Wednesday, September 25, 2013

This is a What? #2: Spots Before My Eyes

It is currently 15 minutes to 1 in the morning and I am determined to publish this post.  This has not been the best of days, but thanks to my roommate and fiance I'm feeling a lot better.  (Thumbs up for friends!)

So on to this week's 'This is a What' pictures.  The subject is my polka dot piggy bank. 

My favorite shot this week is the 4th close up.  It's something about the orange dot that makes me smile... i dunno... I'm weird.  Anywho, I'm gonna go on to bed now.  I hope today was better to you than it was to me.  Here's to a better tomorrow.

If you'd like to do your own 'This is a What' post, here are the rules:
1. Find an object and take a picture of the whole thing
2. Take 4 more shots focusing on the details of the object.  Think extreme close up or interesting angle.
3. Show your work! 


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