Monday, September 9, 2013

The Gallivanting Files: Renninger's Market

Good morning!

This was the adventure Sheree and I went on yesterday. I had a Sunday off work (which never happens unless I've requested it weeks in advance) and we decided to go to one of the local flea markets. Renninger's Market is a few miles up the road in Mt. Dora and it promised to be booths and booths of awesomeness. ^.^

For whatever reason, we piddled around the house and didn't leave until nearly 2 pm and the market closes at 4... looking back, I wished we had gone earlier. *shrug* Anyway, we got there by around 2:30 and started exploring the rows and rows of antiques and lovely things.

We found a really nice lady who had vintage handkerchiefs (which I've been on the hunt for for a wedding idea). She was very friendly and helped me sort through her stock when I told her about the plan. Then she found a delicate white hanky with ladybugs embroidered on it, and it reminded her of her late husband. She told me that he use to call her his ladybug. I agreed with her when she said she shouldn't sell it. Then of course I got to thinking of how we should really appreciate our loved ones while they're with us.
I ended up purchasing these two hankies from her. Such pretty patterns...
The next stop we made was a jewelry booth. There was all kind of costume, vintage, and current jewelry there. Sheree got a strand of pearls and a set of clip-on pearl earrings. Now we just have to figure out how to clean off the years of green oxidization. (If you have tips, let us know!) She's so cute with her developing retro style. :) She also got a bracelet that has a bunch of school related charms on it.

While we browsed her stall I wasn't seeing anything that reached out for me. There was a ring with a green stone that matched my engagement ring, but that's not something I'd actually buy. But then burried on the rack of charm bracelets, I found one with clovers on it!!! ^.^ I had to buy it... I had to. I knew Lamar would think it was cute. (I was right!) We are so cheesy sometimes...
After stopping for a drink and a cool-down, Sheree and I went to find the Farmer's Market. One of the people directed us “up the hill" (which is in quotes because of how nonchalantly he said it.) I considered walking up the hill for like 10 seconds then decided I didn't want to die of a heat stroke. In the car we went.

We got “up the hill” only to discover that the hill was so stinkin monsterous that we didn't see that there were MORE BUILDINGS UP THERE! Whaaaaaat!?!?! We had only been exploring the 'antiques' building, but up there was a whole 'nother side for the 'flea market' building... Mind.Blown. But... everything was already closed when we got there.
Sad faces were had all around... :(
Now that we know how to get there and where everything is, we'll probably go back next Sunday with a better plan of action.
You can imagine how awesome this would be with stuff to buy.

On the way home, we stopped to check out a little thrift store and lo and behold- everything was 50% off! Huzzah! ^.^ I got some fabric, sewing patterns, and a dvd. Sheree got a George Foreman grill. All in all, I'd say this day was pretty successful...
...well putting aside the little flea market fail :)

I hope you had a good Sunday and spent it doing something you enjoy. Have a great Monday!

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  1. Reading your adventures just makes my heart happy.

    Been awhile since I checked in on you. Took a little break from most of my online stuff. Thanks for the encouragement. It's the small kindnesses like that which shine love into hearts. Hugs!


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