Friday, July 31, 2015

Month in Review: July 2015

And just like that... July is over.

This was a pretty good month for me.  In thinking about this post, I went back through my planner, Facebook timeline, instagram, and blog to see what all I actually did.  It was really cool to see a list of what happened during this month.  I definitely will do this again!  So here's my month in review for July.

7/2:  My friend Cherie shared this video on my Facebook .  It is absolutely ridiculous and I cried laughing ^.^

7/3:  I did my first two scrapbook pages and the first person I showed them to (after Lamar duh!) was my mom.

7/4:  Bee and I flew kites together.  Read about that -here-.

7/5:  I created blog post tracking stickers for my planner.  I really credit my consistent blogging to this new bit of organization!

7/11:  Miss Bee started her blog - Sugar Sweet Bee!  I'm always excited to see my friends starting new projects.  I'm eager to see where blogging takes her :) Check her out -here-!

7/18:  Lamar turned 35! Whooo hoooo!!!And like grown-ups, we went to a trampoline arena and jumped around like the kids we actually are on the inside ^.^  See the photos -here-.

7/23:  I made these watercolor journal cards for my scrapbook.  I've been itching to get into watercolor painting and now that I've done these, I wanna create some new ones!  Plus, I've been watching hand lettering videos on Youtube so I want to try that soon.  Wish me luck on that ^.^

7/24:  On this night, I was rebraiding my hair and noticed how crazy my "kitchen" was (the kitchen is the hair on your neck... just in case you were wondering lol). So I asked Lamar to shape it up for me.  This was a special moment for me because the last person to give me a shape up , besides a stylist, was my dad.

7/25:  We danced the night away with friends!  It was so much fun paying Dance Central and A LOT of exercise!

7/27:  I sold the Leo baby blanket! (See progress shots of it -here-)  It was such a motivating feeling to know that my crochet work can sell!

7/28:  I took that motivation and positivity and put in some real Etsy work!  I started writing my descriptions and made a list of other housekeeping things.

7/29:  Lamar and I had a date day!!  We bought some boiled peanuts from a roadside market and then had lunch at Steak&Shake.  Then we stopped at Ross, the library, and the Dollar Tree.  When we got home, we worked on a puzzle.  A 500 piece puzzle... as frustrating as those teeny tiny pieces were, it was a really fun thing to do with him. :)

7/31:  I got my eyes checked... they haven't gotten worse! Whoop!  Now I wanna go and find some 'fun & funky' glasses!

Throughout the Month
  • I blogged regularly and promoted the posts over my Facebook and Instagram. (working on that #30by30!)
  • I haven't killed my garden... though it's quite the struggle.
  • I finished my first scrapbook, but then decided to add in more pages ^.^
  • I've made it through Joshua & Judges in my Bible reading.  I discovered that my iPad Bible app has an audio setting, awesome!
Goals & Plans for August
  • Finish Cherie & Kwame's wedding photobook
  • Get all products listed on Etsy
  • Design logo and look for Etsy shop
  • Crochet a top or shirt
  • Organize a Suicide Awareness yarn bombing
  • Look into Bible journaling and maybe start 
Welp, there you have it! July in the life of Caleisha... I just realized how long this post is so if you got this far you are a rockstar! Thanks for reading and I hope your July was awesome!

What are some of your goals/plans for August?


  1. Oh snap! I got featured! lol Thanks ma'am! I actually really liked this post. I get to hear a lot about your happenings directly from you, but then I stop by your blog and realize you have soooo many wonderful things coming out of that noggin of yours! You are absolutely fantastic and I love you. Hmmmm...goals & plans for August? How about becoming the sleeping champion? (So ready to be done with school for a bit.) But really, I'd like to step it up and be more active in the blogging realm. Also, take more photos, whether I end up sharing them or not.

    Thanks again for posting!
    XO, Bee

    1. Awwww *.* You gonna make me blush! lol. As for taking more photos, we should go photographing together!


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