Monday, December 24, 2012

Break time: Grandma's Birthday Shindig

Hello hello! Happy holidays and all that jazz! ^.^

I think that today was the official beginning of my Christmas break.  We celebrated my Grandma's 80th birthday this afternoon.  She was so happy :)

It was so great to see how happy all the comments and expressions of love made her.  A lot of people spoke about her work with children at church and in the community.  She got two awards: one from the Alabama Partnership for Children and another from Governor Bentley.  She also got a letter/card from President Obama.  She's too fancy right? lol ^.^

Grandma with some of her past/current students.
Grandma with some of our extended family.
Grandma with her children & spouses.
Grandma with grandchildren & "adopted" grands.
Grandma with her grandchildren.

Grandma and my family.
Ok. That's enough photo dumping. We had a lot of fun celebrating with my Grandma. It's such a blessing for her to be able to say that she has lived 80 years.  My Grandma lives her life always seeking to help others.  She loves her family and is very loyal to her friends.  She has always set such a good example for her children, grandchildren, and students.  Hopefully, I can be as awesome as she is when I turn 80.

I love her so much ^.^

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  1. Your grandma is amazing! What a fun birthday celebration including awards and a card from Obama! Wow! :)


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