Monday, December 3, 2012

Crafternoon #20: Letters and Stripes

I have been soo wonderfully productive today!

I was crocheting literally from when I got up at noon until 5:00pm when I ran out to find peach yarn.
I'd like to take a moment to RANT on how Michaels has NO PEACH YARN!!!! What the heck?? At first I was in the store like... "maybe I don't know what color peach is..." NO, they just don't have it.  Sigh... Jo-Ann to the rescue.
Anyway, I did pick up 3 balls of orange and a ball of navy blue at Michaels.  Luckily, I found a coupon for 20% off your total purchase, so SCORE for me!  So like I said, after I left Michaels, I went on to Jo-Ann's and they carried a peach yarn.  The only down side was that this was the ball:

A pound tho... WHEN am I EVER going to use a whole POUND of peach yarn?!?! ::wails & falls to the bed dramatically:: Well... tomorrow I'm going to check Hobby Lobby to see if they have peach yarn. If so, I'll return this POUND and that'll be that.  Or... if it costs more... I'll just keep it... I dunno. I'm still reeling off the friggin' pound... OK I'm done & stepping down off my soapbox.

The projects I was working on today were my baby brother's initial scarf & my dad's tartan pattern.  Both came out wonderfully.  I pretty much sat in my lil orange chair and watched youtube haul videos until I finished the lettering. Here are the completed letters:

Please ignore the messy bed. :)

I'm very proud of them.  I was a little nervous about the J because it took me SO long to graph out, but it all works nicely. ^.^  Now I just have to finish the rest of the scarf.  It's suppose to be solid black.  So I think I'm going to go maybe... 6 more inches before I designate the halfway mark.  This scarf should be finished by this coming weekend...

I worked on my dad's tartan before and after working on the scarf.  I worked up a test square to see how the colors work together and whatnot... I think it came out nicely.

The only change I'm going to make is to change out the deep purple for a lavender so that it can be seen easier.  Other than that, I'm very satisfied.  So now, I just have to get going on the full blanket mesh.  I plan to work out the number of chains I need tomorrow at work. :)  See... I'm already planning to fill my dead time with craftiness.  I'm being proactive ^.^

So the reason I had to do the peach yarn gallivanting, is because I need the color for Lamar's family tartan.  I had all the other colors in my stash already, so I'm ready to make their test swatch as well. Even though I sit down and graph it, it's hard to picture.  I decided to go back to Scotweb and put in my idea and this is what came out:

It looks really masculine... but what should be expected with 3 different shades of blue? Oh well. We'll see how it works up.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to today.  A crap ton of crafting and now I'm super ready to go to sleep.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and good vibes pour into your week.  At least, that's what I'm praying for for me.  :)


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