Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thrift-tastic Tips! Part 1

(I know, cheesy title, but I really couldn't help it *shrug*)

One of my bloggy friends (Erica) recently posted about wanting to get more into thrifting and asked her readers if they had any tips to share.  I wanted to leave some in a comment, then I realized it would be better just to do a post about it.  And I haven't done a Thrifty Thursday post on here in quite some time.  So here we go! (I just had a Joker flash back...)

Calli's Thrift-tastic Tips ^.^
1.  Learn the discount days
Most thrift stores have specific days when you can get discounts on top of the already low prices.  Sometimes they'll have different percentages off based on tag color.  My favorite store here does 50% off a different tag color each week and on Mondays those tags are $0.99.  Another store here, assigns percentages from 10% - 90% off to everything in the store.  If you don't see anything posted, always ask. 

2.  Have a plan, but keep it flexible
Going into a thrift store can initially be overwhelming, especially if it's not a particularly organized one. Having an idea of the types of things you want to find can help you stay focused as you're on the hunt. I say to keep it flexible because there are always hidden surprises that will jump out at you while you're looking for specifics. 

3.  Look past the hanger & see the possibilities
Frankly, some items at the thrift store can be really grubby.  People will donate craptastic clothes, or dirty clothes, or whatever.  Don't immediately toss these aside.  They may have great bones, and with a little effort and DIY finesse, they can be given new life.  Marisa Lynch of New Dress a Day is the QUEEN of this.  Check out her blog, it's mind-blowing. Really...
4.  Look for quality staple pieces
If you have a favorite clothing item (jeans, sweaters, silk shirts, etc) look for them at the thrift store.  I think the best thing about thrifted jeans is that you don't have to break them in (yay!).  You can fill the basics of your wardrobe in without spending a lot of money.  For instance, I love silk blouses, but instead of completely blowing my money on one shirt for $70+, I can get thrift them for less than $5. And if I go on a discount day, I can get them for 50% off of that or even $0.99.  (I did that last week. 6 silk blouses for $0.99 each- score!)
5.  Use the buddy system, but beware the "Yeah! Yeah!" friend
Having a friend with you can make the hunting go faster especially if your friend knows your style. I can't count the number of things that my thrifting buddies have pulled for me that either I'd missed, looked at but wasn't sure, or just hadn't made it to that section yet.  But as helpful as a friend can be, beware of the friend that tells you everything is awesome and genius and SUCH a great idea.  That's how you end up with a random poncho or something in your closet with the tags on it for 6 months... (don't worry I don't have a poncho, lol) 

Those are my first five tips and explanations, I'll post 6-10 next week on Thrifty Thursday.  Let me know if you like these tips and if you have any to share.


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  1. Caleisha, this IS thriftastic!! Such great tips. I'm gonna have to keep a lookout for a thrifting buddy. So.... when are you available??!! ;)

    Next time I go to the store I'm going to ask about those discount days. I mean, silk shirts for under $1 = WOW!! You are the thrifting queen!!

    I'm excited for this segment on you blog and can't wait for more. It will give me the push I need to stick with thrifting. :)

    Thanks for sharing Marisa's blog. So inspiring!


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