Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Sometimes you meet people that unknowingly bless you in their existence. Just their everyday goings on.  I think that when I realize this, it's God showing me that He's orchestrating things all the time.  Creating networks and connections so that I get a comment, that leads me to a blog, that gives me just the right encouraging word that I needed today.  Everything's in His control.  All the time. In good. In bad.  When my emotions are running amok and all I can feel is sadness pouring into me.  When the cave of me floods, God will give me air bubbles to breathe along the ceiling...  I know life is screwed up.  I know that everything isn't always going to be happy, but God's got me.  He always has. He always will.

I prayed today that God would help me put all  this in His hands... I'm still trying to understand how that's done.  But I know He'll show me.  He's good like that.


  1. I love your cave analogy thing. That so perfectly describes how it feels - the panic of feeling alone and drowning in life and then there is a blessing, a nugget of God's provision at EXACTLY the right time. The air.
    I'm going to have to post your sentence/quote somewhere where I will see it often.

  2. Hugs, honey. God has us. Thanks for your comments to me. Someday, we will dance in heaven because the sorrows here will be gone.


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