Thursday, December 13, 2012

What's on My Hook? #18: Stripey Stripes

(A WOMH Wednesday post on a Thursday... I totally passed out sleep when writing this Wednesday night.  Who knew I was that tired?? Not me! Anyways, enjoy!)

Tuesday, my crochet project of the night was the woven tartan blanket that I'm making for Lamar's parents.  Needless to say, making the tartan mesh is a l...o...n...g... and boring job, so I decided to take a teensy little break.  I have been wanting to make a super cozy cowl for a while now... I even had the yarn picked out (Lion Brand Homespun in 4 colors) but I kept saying, "I'll make it after the holidays..."  So yeah, I made it last as my 'break from the tartan' craft.

I didn't use a particular pattern or anything, it's just a chain 102 loop, dc in 3rd chain from hook & across.  The rest of the rows were turning ch of 2 and dc in the spaces across.  I used a 'P' hook which is something like 11.5mm (HUGE!!) and that made it really gappy... if that makes sense.  It almost looks like granny stripes.

Each color has 4 rows and it wraps around my neck 3 times ^.^ I'm very excited about that!  I need to make a matching hat so I can be all fancy and whatnot.  That'll be my next break project.  Anywho, I love it so much!  All I can say about it is that it's SO snuggly and warm :) Yay.

Please excuse the sleepy eyes... It was like 1 am or something :)

I'll post updated pictures of my holiday projects soon.  I want to have more totally done instead of in progress. ^.^  I hope you have a great day!



  1. Love the Cowl!!!! i'm still in the process of making mine :( but hopefully I can steal some mo-jo from you and get the show on the road for Christmas!

    1. Yeah-heah-heah!! Get that show moving! ^.^ You know I'm always down for group crafting. What christmas projects are you working on?

  2. Looks so cozy! Beautiful colors, too. Excited to see your matching hat and holiday projects when you share!

  3. Oh also wanted to let you know I edited my craft show tips post to answer your question! Thank you so much for reading and commenting.


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