Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tuesday Favorites #11: Christmas List

I never really make Christmas lists.  Like never... My answer to 'What do you want for Christmas, Caleisha?' is always 'I don't really need anything, so whatever you decide will be great.' 

So I figured, 'Hey, why not make a ridiculous list of the things I want?'

  1. An Instax 210 Camera with film. I have a polaroid cam that I found in a thrift store for $3 and I use to use it to take fun pictures of my friends when they'd visit my house.  My fridge was covered in them... these were the days when the film was still in Walmart (provided it was like $15-$18 for 10 exposures).  But now, since the supply has pretty much run dry, the cost for film takes away from the spontaneity that (I think) should accompany instant cameras.  You shouldn't be like... Hmmm... should I pay my utilities bill or buy film for this camera??  Oh well. So I miss having an instant camera to use.  Yeah Instax film is still more expensive than getting digital pics printed, but that's why it's on my Christmas list and not my shopping list.
  2. A new large Moleskine notebook without lines.  Lamar gave me my first Moleskines and I LOVE them!!! I dunno... they're durable and have a stuff pocket (something I use to always make in the back of notebooks/journals), the pages aren't white, they have book mark ribbons...  The one I'm using now is this one.  I like the size, but I find myself wishing it didn't have lines... sometimes I feel like they're hemming me in... that's weird, I know. But I'd like another one because I'm getting close to the end of this one.  I've had to duct tape the stuff pocket back together. I guess I store too many things in there, lol.
  3. An Ipad... nuff said.  If anyone out there has one they'd like to give me, I'll love it sooo hard!
  4. A spinning wheel.  I just want one.  Nothing fancy.  Just to be able to spin my own yarns faster than on my drop spindle.
  5. More brightly colored tights & socks.  One can never have too many colors.
  6. Cute Christmas dog sweaters for Kiva and Toot.  Yes, I will dress my dogs up for Christmas with no.shame.
  7. A new phone.  I'm not sure what phone I want tho... Any suggestions other than Iphone. I'm with sprint. 
  8. A job in Florida that I'll truly enjoy.
  9. An apartment in Florida with lots of storage space.
  10. Peace on earth and good will to all and walks on the beach at sunset with ice cream and donuts for everybody!!! lol.
Yeah, so if anyone knows how to make any of my Christmas dreams come true, let a girl know ^.^ Tomorrow I should have a good update for What's on my hook Wednesday. I'm excited... and nervous... this Christmas countdown is in FULL swing...

Will our crochet hero make it out of Handmade Holidays alive??? Stay tuned to find out :)

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