Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thrift-tastic Tips! Part 2

Hey hey!  Here, as promised, is part two of my thrifting tips.  If you missed the first installment, don't fret, you can read it here.  So on to the last half of my thrifting tips ^,^

Calli's Thrift-tastic Tips pt. 2

6.  Try it onTrying the different items on is something you should do if the thrift store has a changing room.  Aside from seeing if it fits, you can see how the pieces you like work together, you can also see any potential trouble spots (pulled seams or stretched out parts).  Oh! Tip 6-B, if the shop doesn't have changing rooms, wear something that you can try clothes on over... leggings, skinny jeans, fitted shirts, etc.

7.  Be patient & take timeThrifting takes time.  Time to sort through clothes that may not be organized at all.  Time to think about how to style different items.  Time to check for imperfections.  Time to make your way through the store.  It is not really something to do on your lunch break... unless you're not planning to buy, then lunch thrift away!  Be patient.  Some days are better than others.

8.  Don't be afraid of little imperfections
Missing/loose buttons? Loose stitching on hems?  Almost unnoticeable stains?  Odd paint job?  These things can be easily fixed with a needle and thread or a bottle of fabric dye or a can of spray paint.  Don't let those little things discourage you from taking home a piece that you'll love.

9.  Smell it
This tip applies mostly to handbags and things that cannot be easily washed.  Smell them!!!!!  Finding a beautiful tapestry tote buried in the bottom of a box of bags and snagging it for only $2 and getting all the way home only to realize that it totally REEKS of cigarette smoke is a sad sad story indeed.  It leads to a lot of googling how to get rid of smoke smell and days of sadly walking past it unable to use it yet...  So guys, sniff sniff.  (And if you know how I can get rid of the smell, please leave a comment.)

10.  Think outside of your box
Thrifting is a great way to try out new styles, patterns, and combinations without spending a whole lot.  And the great thing about fashion is that it's cyclical, so for the runway conscious, lots of things that designers are presenting tend to nod back to fashions past.  This makes it easier to take inspiration from current images and recreate them.  Try new things.  If it turns out that the pink pencil skirt wasn't for you, you only spent a few bucks on it.  Use thrift stores as gateways to explore uncharted fashion territory.  You never know what you may actually find and love.


Well guys, those are my last tips ^.^ I hope you like them & keep them in mind the next time you grace a thrift store.  Writing these has really made me want to get out and thrift, lol. Maybe I will... 


Lastly, my lovely Lamar wants to add a bonus tip to the list.

11.  Go with realistic expectations
Keep in mind that you aren't always going to find amazing things on your thrifting trips.  Of course there can be name brand pieces that retail for $$$ hidden among the other bits, but those gems are few and far between.  It also depends a lot on where you live and who is most likely to donate to that store.  So keep your eyes open for the gems but don't miss out on the great pieces right on the racks.


  1. Realistic expectations is hard for me. In this premade world when you can go into a store and get anything in any size and multiple colors has spoiled me. lol!

    I've also been coming to terms with minor imperfections. That silk scarf I bought recently had a few small stains on it. It wasn't perfect, but it was near perfect, so it came home with me.

    Thanks for all the tips. Keep 'em coming to help keep me on track! :)

  2. This trick gets rid of smoke smell every time for me. After I visit my family, I put a fresh bar of soap into my suitcase with whatever can't go into the laundry. Just place the items inside the suitcase and close it. Leave them inside for 2-3 days. Works every time.

    1. I am going to try this today. Does it have to be a certain kind of soap?

  3. Sorry, I've been offline most of the weekend. No particular brand. Since I have allergies to both soaps and fragrances of any kind, I use dove soap because it doesn't set off an allergic reaction for me.

  4. ps - I tagged your blog in my blog today. (mercyonmyday.blogspot) Thanks for the whole Crafternoon concept. You have no idea what a gift that has been for me since my friend has a heart condition and the gift of time together is precious. Bless you.

  5. As gross as it could be, number 9 is really important.

    1. lol, yes ^.^ Thanks for stopping by!


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