Friday, October 19, 2012

Back in Action!

Hey y'all! (yes, I can be a bit southern ^.^)

Let's see, I got my computer back from the shop on wednesday and it's been sitting safely on a desk since then. I really have to take better care of my comp because the week without it was a little torturous.  Must be more careful.

Wow... I've done so much that I haven't gotten to write about... I guess I can spread everything out in scheduled posts... I always feel like a "real blogger" when I actually schedule my posts, lol. Does anyone else feel like that?

So how about some Take Tuesday action?
This week's subject is Numbers... I've been looking for interesting ways to show numbers, but nothing was jumping out at me.  That is until I started looking for a recipe for this weekend's dessert. Here's my snap :)

Photo from my instagram @nadiratani

Baking is becoming my new way of building "kitchen confidence."  I have been making dessert for bi-weekly church potlucks recently.  It's been really fun. Nerve-wracking, but fun.  But I'll go in to more detail about that in another post.

Well, I'm off to post this on Shakti's blog (you can also find the Take Tuesday linkup post on Nicole Marie's blog).

I hope that you had a good week :)  Do you have any fun plans for this weekend?


  1. Whoohooo back in business!! Can't wait for the scheduled posts ;)

  2. I like your list of numbers better than mine. Vitamin bottle? Seriously? You'd think that since I picked this weeks theme, coming up with an interesting pic would have been easier.

    Anyways, print away! You can print that quote and distribute it to the world if you'd like. I think everyone should internalized that message :)

  3. Hi Caleisha! I like your numbers ... Especially since I could make out the word 'chocolate' in there too! :)



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