Friday, October 26, 2012

Pink Honey Pound Cake: A How I'm Feeling Post

On the way home from work today I was blindsided by the illest heavy sad feeling.  I mean this joker was like a sumo wrestler made of blues that decided that my chest was the best seat in the house...

So I laid down and went to sleep.  Normally a few hours of shut-eye will kick sadness' butt, but not so much today... I slept for like 5 hours and when I woke up, I couldn't come up with a good enough reason to get out of the bed... I felt that blues sumo wrestler sitting on my chest and the most I could manage was to roll over and put my face in the pillow... After a while Lamar called me for some bank info and I had to drag myself off the bed to get it.  I thought 'finally I'm up!' But no, my bed was like a sand trap and sucked me right back in.  Lamar asked me what was wrong and unfortunately it was one of those things that just happens.  Nothing was wrong.  I was just sad.  Just out of it.  He tried so hard to cheer me up by listing things that I have to be happy about (I really do love that man) but nothing was shaking the blues.

Eventually, I all but threw myself on the floor and dragged myself to the living room where I finished watching 'Waitress' and felt like I was literally melting into my chair.  So I pulled myself up again and went to clean up the kitchen so I could bake.

I made a pink honey pound cake for the Breast Cancer Awareness yarn bombing tomorrow... It felt good to make something. I suppose my anti-depressant is keeping busy.  Is anyone else like that?

Anyway, this blues has been tagging along with me since I got out of bed.  Even here at Books-a-Million I'm trying to drown it out with music and keep these threatening tears under control. Sheesh! I'm kind of a train wreck this evening...

Hopefully, tomorrow I'll feel much better.  I'm thinking about drinking some tension tamer tea when I get home and crocheting.  Or maybe I'll read some of Happier at Home.

(I'll post a picture of my pink honey pound cake later.  Do you ice pound cakes?? Somebody help...)

I decided to use the chocolate frosting in the cabinet instead of making a glaze.  It was good.  There's none left. :)


  1. Hugs, honey. Depression is hard, I know. Praying peace and comfort for you.

    And pound cakes are either plain or drizzle a glaze over the top. :-)

    1. Thank you so much! I'm sorry I'm just getting around to replying, but I truly appreciate your kindness =) Thank you for the prayers, I really needed them and I'm super glad to say I am feeling a lot better these days.

  2. Oh that feeling is the pits. Hope tomorrow is better


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