Thursday, October 4, 2012

Letter to an Appliance

Dear Stove,

We both know that cooking is not my forte'... but I'm trying.  Sometimes, as crazy as this is going to sound, I feel like you're glaring at me whenever I venture into the kitchen.  Why can't cooking be simple like sewing.  Or crocheting... or even knitting...  Now that's saying alot, I knit better than I cook.  Too bad I can't eat scarves...

I want us to be friends.  The kind that spend time together in the evenings and on the weekends. But everytime I try to get better acquainted, things always come out wrong... charred... burnt.

So, Stove, if you don't mind maybe helping me out a bit with this cooking thing, I'd appreciate it.  Hopefully, it's not bad to cook everything over low heat. Because I think that's going to be what I try next.


The Unsure Cook


  1. Great post, how are the dogs?? happy weekend.

    Lisa x

    1. Hey lisa! The dogs are well. Kiva (the beagle) is being more snuggly since Lamar's gone, but all is well. I posted another video of their antics on the doggy blog [] I think it'll make you smile. :)


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