Sunday, October 28, 2012

Painting the Town Pink!

Instagram/Twitter hashtag #pinkyarnbombs

Hey there! Last night we (Alina, Christelle, Dee, Doran, Roommate, and myself) went on a Breast Cancer Awareness yarn bombing spree!  And let me tell you it was SO much FUN!! We had a bag full of pink goodies all ready to be installed all over downtown.  Each piece got a hang-tag with nice things to do for women written on it and the instagram/twitter hashtag on the back.  I hope they make someone smile today.

Tags made by roommate.
Working on finishing touches
Tags laminated (just in case it rains) and tied to the crochet breast cancer ribbons.
Pink party snacks =)  Brownies with pink icing, pink honey pound cake, pink lemonade! Yum!!

After all the finishing touches were done. We gathered everything, got super bundled up (it was REALLY cold last night o.O), and piled into the car to head downtown.  The first stop was a group of statues near the children's museum.
Alina and her awesome hat!
 Alina made the hat in the picture above and the puff stitch scarf in the picture below. I told her that they are so nice, they'll surely be walking home with someone.

Christelle putting a scarf on little creepy girl statue in the corner of the garden.
Me and Alina prettying up a roadwork sign.
Sorry about the ill flash glare -_-
Dee and Christelle
Bomber feet!
Semi-syncronized heel clicking.
 After finishing most of our big pieces, the random shenanigans began, lol... Below is Roommate thinking she's Gabby Douglas... ::rolls eyes::

Shoe Bomb!
The Pink Yarn Bombers!
 We got a nice stranger to take a group picture of us since we were clearly struggling with that "myspace self portrait angle".  All the pretty smiles ^.^

So... excited...
And of course we couldn't help playing in the leaves... Children at heart.

...weird jumping picture...
So that was our night in a nutshell.  I high-fived a stranger, saw WAY too many girls dressed a prostitutes for Halloween, saw a guy dressed as... I HAVE NO IDEA (he literally had on black daisy duke spandex shorts and a pair of shoes), we model walked down the street, and froze our little fingers off.  It was a great night. 

We should make this a regular thing. ^.^

Oh yeah...
We bombed Kiva, too.


  1. Way too much glorious fun and what a gorgeous group of yarn bombers!

  2. omg!!!!! I'm gunna cry! the pics came out soooo great! they almost do us justice! I can't wait to do it again. The way everything was orchestrated by you and the girls was awesome!

  3. Ah! Oh my gosh, so awesome!!!! Looks like you guys had an amazing time :)


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