Sunday, October 21, 2012

Crafternoon #17: New Friends

Hello there :)

I feel like I haven't written in soo long! Anywho, I'm very excited to say that I have a new crafty friend ^.^  She's a member of the church I go to and I met her in the yarn aisle Michael's (craft store), named Susan.  After a bit of crochet "shop talk" we exchanged contact info and left with the plan to get together and share our knowledge and whatnot.

She texted me early in the week for a Sunday get together.  So this morning, I made my way over to her house and we sat and talked/crocheted for hours. (seriously, I was there for 4.5 hours!) She taught me how to do the reversed single crochet for a super simple edging and the love knot stitch.  I will definitely be working something in the love knot stitch and I'm going to go back over some of my holiday gifts and edge them with the rev single crochet.  I taught her how to crochet letters into a work.  She found it to be too time consuming with the step of creating a graph for each letter.  Hopefully, she'll do something with it. 

Susan is pretty boss at crochet.  Most of the pieces she showed me were pieces of clothing... lots of shawls, shrugs, tops, coats, vests, etc...  I want to get to that level, but every time I think about crocheting something that big/detailed I lose interest because I feel like it'll take FOREVER!  So she gave me an assignment to do this cropped shrug that's in one of my books.  I'm a bit more motivated now since I have someone else that enjoys this as much as I do.  We'll see what happens with it.

One other thing I learned about myself is that I can be terrible at describing how to do something.  The steps just dont go from my head to my mouth clearly.  *shrug*

But besides the confusion of me trying to explain something, we both really enjoyed ourselves.  So much so that she wants to have 'crochet days' at least once a month.  I'm completely down!

Yarn doodles. Learning new stitches.
Well, now I'm off to work on Handmade Holidays gifts some more. I hope you had a great Sunday (and weekend).



  1. Thanks to you, it was crafternoon here today, too. Had a wonderful time with a precious friend while we laughed and talked as she sewed an apron and I knitted on a shrug. A couple months ago, after reading about your crafternoon times, she and I set a monthly date. :-)

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  3. Yay! Fun crafty meet up. Crochet letters sounds really cool! I'm intrigued by the graph paper part.


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