Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crafternoon #16: Lumos!

I am very excited about this belated Crafternoon because.... drumroll... it's my first tutorial type diy!

So be nice :)

Alrighty, originally I was going to make these 'tissue covered luminaries' (diy found here) for one of my Handmade Holidays gifts but then a bit of crafter's ADD took over and the idea morphed.

I call it the Lumos Candle Holder. So here we go ^.^

And Ta-Da!!!

My first DIY tutorial. How was it?  How can I make future tutorials better?  I know the lighting in the photos is a bit wonky, but I'm still trying to find the light 'sweet spot' in my apartment.

I hope you had a wonderful Monday... well by the time you read this... a wonderful Tuesday ^.^

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  1. Yay!! A DIY tutorial... you gotta know I love those.

    I'm a total Mod Podge addict now. Love that stuff. :)


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