Friday, October 26, 2012

Darling Yellows

I'm sitting at work with nothing to do... So what does a lady do when there's nothing to do?

Window Shop at Modcloth! (I just had the urge to yell BAZINGA! lol)  Here are my favorite dresses of the day.  They're so sunny and happy! One day I may have you... ::looks wistfully into the distance::
All dresses from Modcloth
1. Gorgeous in Goldenrod  2. Roadside Poppy  3. Amber Champion  
4. A Dot Like Love  5. Daffodil Centerpiece  6. Zest is More

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  1. LOL! Best cure for nothing to do is online shopping...

    I've really gotten into yellow lately. I've been wanting to crochet a mustard scarf. My favorite of those dresses is the one on the top right.

    Thanks for this little bit of bright yellow happy :)

    Have a great weekend Caleisha!


Thanks for your comment ^.^ They make my day!