Thursday, October 25, 2012

What's on My Hook? #17: Yarn Bombing Prep!

Hey there!

Lot's of awesomeness has been going on around here lately ^.^  Monday I met Alina from Purling Beauxs and we had SO MUCH FUN planning an upcoming event! 

Alina suggested we plan a yarn bombing for Breast Cancer Awareness month. Of course my mind starts snowballing on ideas, but the best thing about it is that Alina is the same way.  So we're both brainstorming and thinking of places to bomb and planning pre-bomb activities like games and snacks and what-not.

Scarf beginnings.  Matching tights completely unplanned!

We decided to do some scarves and hats on downtown statues, cover the arms of some benches, and make a bunch of little ribbons to hang from different places.

First scarf
This scarf will probably be around one of the leapfrog kids statue near the children's museum.  I'm making another scarf & Alina's making a hat for one of the other kids.

Ribbon assembly line.
The plan (loosely planned plan) is to do our big bombs and give a few ribbons to whoever comes to participate for them to put up.  That way everyone get's to bomb.  We've also come up with an instagram/twitter hashtag for the event: #pinkyarnbombs.  So we have a bit more work to do to insure that we have enough pieces, but I'm super excited and motivated to get moving faster. ^.^

You should join in.  I'm just sayin'... It's for a good cause :)  Tell your crafty friends!

What:  Breast Cancer Awareness Yarn Bombing
When: Saturday, October 27, 2012
Where: Wherever you are!
Tag: #pinkyarnbombs

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  1. Love it!!! can't wait! I definitely couldn't have thought of a better person to Y.B. with!


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