Monday, July 30, 2012

The First Yarnbombing!! [Crafternoon #10]

Good morning!

I have an exciting post this morning ^.^  It's actually about yesterday's crafternoon.  As you have no doubt gathered from the title, I finally did my first yarnbomb installation! I was a bit nervous because I kept thinking that strangers walking by were going to call the police about the 'strange girl at Ms. Nina's shop'... and I kept practicing my explanation of what I was doing in my head, lol.  I put up the letters that I showed in this post and added a row of crochet flowers.

What I learned from my first installation:
-Check the weather and dress accordingly or bomb at night...
-Cut more yarn for attaching things than you need... no one wants to tie a knot with 2 cm of yarn...
-Make a real design plan
-Get some blog cards so you don't have to write on slips of paper... sheesh!

All in all, I had a great time (even though I was melting away).  I originally invited some friends to participate, but it ended up being just me. I think that was better because the space was really too small for multiple people to be working in at the same time.  Maybe I'll try to coordinate a larger installation later on.  Now that I've completed a yarnbombing, I'm excited to do another one. I have a few ideas running around in my head that will be put on the artsy-to-do list. But until then, I have other projects to complete. And shop stock to make. I'm hoping to start making some money with my art... sooner rather than later.
Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. Hola! I'm back in town so I'm ready when u are for another go @ yarnbombing! from what the pics tell, you did an awesome job lady! it looks great :) ..To answer your question, yes I do make my own ami patterns. I've written a few down but the newest ones I do free hand..Pros and cons to it lol.

  2. So you're already a pro at this! I'll have to make tags for my bomb next time. :)


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