Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sheepish Yarn Bomb Day [photo heavy post ^.^]

Hurray!  Meredith over at OneSheepishGirl declared that today (Sept. 29th) to be Sheepish Yarn Bomb Day. So, of course, I had to participate. :-)

I went through a lot of different thoughts of what I would make to bomb, and finally settled on granny hearts (pattern here). At first, I was going to put them up in a tree by the child development lab at Oakwood but then I felt like they wouldn't be fully appreciated... I dunno...

Plan B was to go downtown and bomb there.  So off I gallivanted to share my yarny creations with strangers in the park.
The Trusty Bomb Kit
First bomb
First I gave this little boy statue a scarf as it will (hopefully) be getting cold soon. I had to go through the most ridiculous antics to get this one on.  I mean jumping over pokey holly leaf bushes, ducking every time anyone drove by, and looking over my shoulder ever 2 seconds while tying the tags on... Too bad no one was with me to get it all on video... I'm sure you would have gotten a really good laugh at me. -chuckle-

Now, on to the main event.

My message tags.
Originally, the message tags were only going to have the instagram hashtag on them, but then I felt that if people were going to see these hearts they should have something to say. So I added the 'give love' 'share a smile' & 'call your family' tags.

Here are my hearts with their lovely message tails :)
Oh, my hearts a flutter!
I'm very happy with how they came out. ^.^  And it was a little breezy this evening, so they were fluttering quite nicely.

While I was putting them up, a few people asked me what I was doing, and when I told them about the yarn bombing day and my attachments- these strangers smiled at me in such a kind way.  Like they  appreciated the messages... especially the 'call your family' one.  I really hope that someone does.  Sometimes we get so busy that we can forget to check in on those people most important to us... I know it happens to me.

So yeah, this was my second time yarn bombing, but my first time going guerrilla art with it. (My first was at a yarn shop after the owner asked me to do it... Not very daring.)  This time I felt... sneaky... and odd. Like people were thinking 'what the crap is that girl doing...' as I tied a heart from a willow tree branch. But when I finished I was so excited that I did it. My heart felt like it was racing and I couldn't stop smiling. 

Thanks to Meredith for giving me an excuse to do something different and exciting and new. ^.^  I've been checking the instagram tag and it's amazing how many people participated so far! (Shout out to Erica of Caught On a Whim! Your bows are darling!)  It's so awesome that one person can have an idea and through the internet that idea can spread across the world.  I'm constantly in awe at the power of this 'blogosphere'...  Welp, I guess I've made this long enough. Good night & if you haven't visited OneSheepishGirl yet, you should. It's lovely.  And check out the instagram tag #sheepishyarnbomb... OK, Good night for real. ^.^


  1. Awwww, shucks! Thanks for the shout out Caleisha!!

    Girl, you are AWESOME!! I mean, you were jumping bushes for the cause! The tags were genius! I love that the hearts had something to say. I think I'll call my mom today. :)

    The scarf on the statue is genius. I wish you bombed in my town because then I'd be visiting that statue and coming home with a fancy new scarf. I know it will find a great home. ;)

    1. LOL! Thanks :D I'm glad that I did the tags... However I wish I'd checked the weather tho, it's definitely raining now and until wednesday here... I hope the tags hold up.

  2. Aww! Caleisha! Your yarn bombs are beautiful! I love the scarf you made for the statue and the little tags you added to the hearts. So sweet. I'm sure they brought a smile to the faces of everyone who walked by. I know they made me smile! :) Thank you so much for sharing your yarn bombing adventure!

    1. Thank you for starting this awesomeness! I am officially hooked on guerrilla style yarn bombing now ^.^


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